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Website Design in Uganda, Web hosting company in Kampala

Webstar is a professional Ugandan company that specializes in exceptional website design and hosting across Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan. Our portfolio showcases our passion for work. Our skilled team prioritizes client satisfaction, striving to create visually captivating websites that seamlessly meet client needs. We offer high-quality services to ensure that businesses have websites that attract attention and perform efficiently.

For businesses, we put more emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) by implementing strategies to achieve higher rankings on Google search results, resulting in increased online exposure and traffic.

Website Design


Website Designing in Uganda

Website Designing in Uganda

Webstar fuses Ugandan cultural elements with contemporary design trends to craft visually stunning and user-intuitive websites. We specialize in responsive design and e-commerce platforms, enabling clients to build a robust online presence that meets the needs of their target audience.

Web Hosting in Uganda

Web Hosting & Email Services

We take web hosting to the next level and bring a whole new perspective when it comes to affordability while offering premium products and services. This has helped us gain the trust of hundreds of business owners, the government, NGOs, and freelancers.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We craft tailored SEO strategies that propel our clients to the forefront of their respective industries. Our approach is not only about boosting search rankings but also fostering meaningful connections between businesses and target audience, driving organic traffic for long-term growth.







Select your Hosting Plan & Domain

Our web hosting services surpass the competition with unparalleled reliability. We assure you of an exceptional uptime of 99.9%; hence, your website remains accessible to visitors. Our support team is available around the clock to assist you via email, live chat, or phone for all your needs. 


50,000 ugx / year


80,000 ugx / year


120,000 ugx / year


150,000 ugx / year

Corporate Website Design: Establishing Online Credibility

Our corporate websites, like those of banks, feature a clean and modern design, clear and concise messaging, intuitive navigation, and a responsive layout that adapts to various devices. We focus on showcasing a company’s leadership, team, and expertise while also highlighting awards, testimonials, and news to demonstrate its credibility and trustworthiness.

Consequently, a good corporate website is key to building trust and establishing corporate credibility among clients, investors, and the public.

WordPress Development: Building Dynamic Websites

As an effective way to create a website, WordPress is commonly used for its simple-to-use interface and capabilities, as well as the assortment of plugins and themes it has available. With the help of WordPress, we will be in a position to create visually attractive websites that will include various graphic design features, multimedia attributes, and animations, all of which will be suitable for many devices

Our services include creating bespoke, mobile-friendly, and search engine-optimized themes, tailored plugins, and e-commerce platforms. We also expertly transfer existing websites to WordPress, maximizing performance, security, and ease of content management.

Content can be updated easily with WordPress. That’s why people adopt WordPress instead of building a brand new website each time they need to refresh or add content to their sites.

Website Design

Software & App Development

In our software and app development services, we offer various types of programming, custom software development, and mobile app designing, helping companies turn their ideas and requirements into working software that adds value to their companies and clients. 

Along with our website design services, we carry out a thorough analysis, visualizing a number of steps at the forefront, to predict how our software solutions can improve all aspects of our clients businesses.

Webstar harnesses cutting-edge technology and industry-leading software development principles to build robust and adaptable web applications. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a prominent force in Uganda’s tech sector.

E-commerce Website Designers: Crafting Virtual Storefronts

Webstar specializes in creating e-commerce websites that enable businesses to promote and sell their products online by managing various aspects such as inventory management, order management, payment processing, and much more.

We ensure the clients have a secure and robust e-commerce platform that promotes high traffic, increases conversion rates, and, ultimately, has more clients transact with them.

We are your number one e-commerce website designers in Uganda, enhancing your ability to attract and retain customers, boost sales, and establish a flourishing online presence.

Why Every Business Needs A Website

Over 95 percent relate to the impression of web design and can even largely influence the company’s bottom line. In this modern digital era, the creation of a website for a business is as significant as a marketing tool in the old days. And the internet offers an undeniably large audience and customer base, so one cannot ever think of bypassing it, making an online presence an integral core of the business.

  1. Global Presence: A business can tap into foreign markets directly through a website. Usually, the internet levels the playing field, so a small business that uses the website might even be competitive with larger firms globally.
  2. Cost-Effective Marketing: A website will be a cost-effective form of business marketing. A company that is considering print ads or another traditional marketing strategy will realize that they spend a fraction of the money they could have spent on advertising if they market via the website.
  3. Accessible Information: A virtual storefront, or website, can be found on the internet and can supply relevant information such as contact details, addresses, products and services offered, and other points of interest. A potential customer who is evaluating the business in their free time can print the information and learn more about the enterprise.
  4. Return on Investment: A website is able to bring in huge profits per investment. By the way, businesses can attract fresh customers, satisfy the sophisticated tastes of their existing clients, and also increase sales. The website could use low-cost maintenance and hosting, and the website design could intensify the ROI through this cost shifting.

Why choose us?

Experienced Team

Webstar employs a talented team of website designers and developers with knowledge that guarantees dynamic and 24/7 up-time websites.

Custom Design Solutions

From straightforward informational websites to sophisticated e-commerce platforms, we have the expertise to craft a design that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Responsive Design

Webstar designs websites that adapt seamlessly to any device. Whether you're on a computer, tablet, or phone, you'll enjoy the same easy-to-navigate and visually appealing experience.

SEO Optimization

Our approach optimizes your site for search engines, boosting its rankings and increasing its visibility online. As a result, your website attracts more organic visitors, expanding your reach and driving potential customers to your site.

User Experience Focus

By focusing on user experience (UX) design, Webstar ensures your website is easy to navigate and provides a satisfying experience for users. This approach can result in increased user engagement and a higher likelihood of conversions.

Post-Launch Support

Once your website is launched, Webstar provides continuous assistance and maintenance. This guarantees that your website stays current, secure, and operates smoothly, freeing you up to concentrate on running your business.

Our Website Design Portfolio

Our websites not only excel visually but also enhance clients’ businesses. We prioritize lightning-fast loading speeds, intuitive navigation, and extensive visibility through our SEO optimization. Many of our creations incorporate user-friendly content management systems, empowering clients to effortlessly manage their online presence. 

Kamere Tours and Travel
Tika Uganda | For Accessories, Technology and Kitchen
Kingdom Translation and Interpretation
Gold Sales Department (GSD)
The Island Impact Initiative
Rotary Club of Bwebbajja

Website Design Services FAQs

You can get a professional and appealing website that could draw more traffic and leads to your website. In the case of Webstar, we can help make your website user-friendly, thus increasing the conversion rate and helping you build a strong online presence for your brand.

Website design services can include a range of different services, such as custom website design, site development, mobile responsive design, e-commerce development, website maintenance, and content management systems.

When choosing a website design service, consider a provider with a good portfolio and solid experience in the industry. Communication, the ability to meet deadlines, and ongoing support are other factors to consider.

The duration of a website design project depends on the complexity of the project and its specific requirements. Generally, the website process will range from 1 to 6 months after the project is fully scoped and planned.

Our website design process involves;



We thoroughly assess your business and goals to understand how our solutions can enhance your processes.



We map out the key steps in your website's design to forecast its impact on various aspects of your operations.



We utilize advanced technology and industry-standard development principles to create sturdy and flexible web applications.

Clients & Partners