DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

Step into the future of web hosting with our DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting, powered by DirectAdmin, a lightning-fast and lightweight control panel. Experience the perfect blend of speed, reliability, and affordability with our feature-rich hosting plans, tailored specifically for resellers like you.

Get access to the ever-evolving Direct Admin control panel, featuring Litespeed, NVMe SSD Drives, Sitepad Website Builder and more!

  •  Direct Admin Control Panel
  •  Free SSL Certificates
  •  NVMe  SSD Storage
  •  Premium Site Builder

Why choose our DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting services

Integrated Ticketing System

Direct Admin comes with a built-in ticketing system for resellers to make use of, allowing your users to directly submit tickets through their control panel without making use of any third-party applications.

Fully Customizable

Direct Admin offers resellers the ability to fully customize their user's control panel. Disable Or Enable applications, Change colors, Choose control panel layout, set logos and more!

Litespeed Enabled

All our servers run on Litespeed, an extremely fast drop-in replacement for Apache. This allows our servers to run almost 3 times faster than standard Apache, while having more features.

SitePad Website Builder

Every Hosting account you create will have access to Sitepad, a premium drag-and-drop website builder with over 200+ premium themes and widgets.

Free SSL Certificates

Your reseller account comes with the ability for your customers to install 2048-bit SSL certificates for their websites, free of charge! SSL Certificates are completely unlimited and can be assigned to as many domains as you host.

Upgrade at any time

Directly upgrade your account at any time within our Client Area. Upgrades are pro-rata priced, so you never lose value on the amount you have already paid.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers are optimized with the latest software and are only hosted within the best datacenters, allowing us to achieve our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Easily Make Payment

We support 3 different methods of payment on our platform including Bitcoin, Direct Credit/Debit card payment with Stripe and PayPal.

30-Day Refund Policy

We believe that you should get the service that you pay for or we don't deserve your money. We will refund your payment within the first 30 days if you are not happy with our product or service.

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use website hosting control panel. It has only recently started gaining traction due to its affordability and is starting to become the industry standard over regular cPanel.

It offers an intuitive user-interface with DNS Management, File Management, Database Management and more! DirectAdmin also comes with all the added extra addons that your used too like Softaculous, Jetbackup, Etc.

DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

Easily Customizable

Joomla has no restrictions, your free to install, customize and automate your Joomla installation to its full potential.

SEO Tools

Joomla has tools to help optimize your website, with metadata and keyword customization, Robot Support, Mod-Rewrite support for simple URL's and more!

Free & Open Source

Joomla is both created and maintained by volunteers as well as its vibrant community that help with suggestions and bug fixes. Due to its open source nature, Joomla is also completely free to use.

Not just a CMS

Joomla is not only a CMS but also a highly efficient, lightweight PHP framework that can also be used to write powerful PHP based applications.

Extensive Documentation

Joomla has one of the most in-depth documentation's of any CMS, and has forum filled with useful questions and information.

Article Management

Easily manage your content with publishing tools, content versioning, drag-and-drop image placements and more!